Where I can find record of the Asana AI webinar 18.07.23?

Where I can find record of the Asana AI webinar 18.07.23? I was on that webinar, but didn`t received a record of that, could you help me please?
And where I can find information about how to connect Asana AI and how much it cost?

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Hi @Mykhailo-Holovatyi usually they will send it to you after 24hrs.
Once it is released they will provide pricing and updates. Keep an eye on the forum.

I am moving this out of bugs as it is not a bug.

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Where I can ask questions like that on your forum?

Usually there is a webinar topic on these releases - it is best to comment on there but I couldn’t find one so moved you to the tips and tricks

Yea, why are there no videos up yet so we are prepared for the AI Launch?
People in my organization have gotten word this is happening and now asking. Assuming Asana has now put this in public knowledge is non-ambassadors know about it.

@KimberlyAnn_DiCredic I could be wrong but I think we are some ways away from any general launch. To my knowledge the closed opt-in beta hasn’t even begun yet (at least in any major way). Again I could be wrong - I don’t have any inside scoop on it - but I think you can probably “calm the masses” about any impending public feature release.

Thank you!!!

I hope you are right, I know I have seen some IG and LinkedIn posts… Maybe that’s what they have seen and they think it’s sooner? I was slightly panicking like wait I haven’t even played with it yet!