What would be the best way to use Asana for an ongoing no-end date kind of project?


So, where I’m working right now we are trying to onboard more “sellers” let’s say because the constant inflow of them is a key need in the company. But it’s an ongoing project without any end date in site. We are creating and trying out different initiatives, some work, some don’t, investigating and so on. This is one of the main pain points right now because it’s hard to keep track of all the proposals and experiments, etc. And it is one of the reasons we need Asana.

I’m trying to lead the full change into Asana, and they’ve actually tried using Asana here and there in the past but because it’s not an organized approach, it hasn’t sticked.

That’s why I’d like to find some ideas on how to manage permanently ongoing projects that involve a lot of brainstorming and small initiatives (that a lot of times don’t have 10+ tasks) such as this one since it’s one of the biggest pain points and needs of ours that could really help migrate everyone into Asana and finally save us from a lot of headaches.

Perhaps someone has some templates to propose or ideas to divide this project in different ones. I would just like some ideas, tips and recommendations if anyone has any. Thank you! :slight_smile: