Webhooks & google app script

Got a google sheet and Asana doing 2-way synching which is super useful for our process.

Only niggle is having to poll for changes, either fetching with modified_since or by polling Events, though it takes around 20 seconds either way.

Webhooks would be the solution, however, Google Apps Script doesn’t allow access to headers via doPost, so I can’t complete the handshake.

Here’s a post about it: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41357834/can-i-use-google-apps-script-as-asana-webhooks-endpoint-dopost

Any chance of another way to create the webhooks, as once created I don’t need access to the headers to process the events? E.g. have app.asana (or a standalone app) take the target/resource and create the webhooks? The other workaround in the above post looks painful.


Unfortunately needing to set the header in the response is still the situation :confused: so our webhooks don’t work that well with Apps Script. Although they would be faster than events, it’s worth noting that webhooks still take a little time to be delivered, so I’m not sure that you’d get a huge boost in real-time processing with them - in general I’ve seen delays on the order of tens of seconds not be that unusual. That’s maybe a bit of sour grapes, through. If you’d like to get a feel for what sorts of latency you could expect, we have a quick-and-dirty example of implementing webhooks that just logs the payload when received which is available for reference.

In any case, I don’t know of a great workaround for this. We do know that this is an issue and I’ll add this report as a +1 occurrence to the API team’s backlog.