Webhook limit of 200 per token

From @Joe_Trollo in another recent forum post:

Joe, this 200 limit is concerning. In addition to not being documented anywhere that I’ve seen, it can present a problem for apps, like my in-development Desksana, which are using webhooks to monitor all of an account’s projects. I’m not sure if I’ve hit that limit with any of my early beta testers but I know there are definitely Asana users with more than 200 projects.

What say you? :slight_smile:

Ah, I’ve made a mistake. The 200 number came from a file of defaults that has been around since we launched webhooks and is now superseded by a larger value in newer configuration. The actual limit is 10,000 webhooks per user per app. I’ve update the previous post where this came up (Error while creating webhook for a project). Thanks for asking and making me double-check!


:relieved: Phew, great news!

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