Asana Webhook limitation

I’ve been reading through some old topics in the forum and found some said that we had a limitation on the number of active webhooks per single auth token per app (ref Error while creating webhook for a project - #5 by Joe_Trollo). However, this is 2 years ago (2018) and since I couldn’t find any official documentation saying it. My question: Is it correct? Are we still applying that limitation cause I’m building an integration that needs real-time update on a project and task

@Ross_Grambo can you confirm that those limits still apply? I think they do but not 100% sure…

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Yep! Those limits are still accurate. 10,000 per app token and 1,000 per resource.

It’s unlikely an integration will hit this limit as long as the app is using webhooks properly. To watch all of the changes to all of the tasks within a project, that’s 1 webhook. So you’d still have 9,999 to go.

And just to reiterate, the limit is on “app - user pair”. Meaning if you create an OAuth app that has 10 people auth with it, your app could make a total 100k webhooks (10k on each user).

You can hit this limit if you webhook every project within a large org, but that’s likely not the best way to achieve your goal.


Thanks for replying @Ross_Grambo, please help me to answer the following question.

The webhook that watches all changes on all the tasks within a project doesn’t include the task approval_status change (we need it). That’s why I need to webhook on every tasks within a single project. Let’s say 1 project has 20 tasks, then I wasted 21 webhooks. And we have around 1,000 projects atm.

One last thing, I’m using Personal Access Token for authentication so not sure if it affected or not (because you were saying the limit is on “app - user pair”)


Hi @Hieu_Bui,

I just tested to confirm and project-level webhooks definitely send a task change event when you change the approval status of a task in the project.

Is it possible the tasks you’re wanting to monitor are subtasks?


Ahhhhh you’re right @Phil_Seeman. I think I made a mistake when applying filter to a project webhook creation that swallow an update event on changing task approval status. I can reduce the number of webhooks on my end now and will take care of outdated projects (to delete no longer need webhook) to avoid hitting that limits.

Thank you!