Webhook getting weird data from events

Hey everyone,

I’m have been exploring the higher scope webhooks, more specifically on Portfolios filtering by project & action: added. I notice that no matter which project I add to the portfolio I always get the same gid inside the resource object.

events obj:

          user: [Object],
          created_at: '2020-07-13T20:54:57.039Z',
          action: 'added',
          resource: [Object],
          parent: [Object]

this is the resource object I am getting:

{ gid: '1184399427126218', resource_type: 'project' },

This gid does not correspond to any project I have so I was wondering what exactly is this id is referencing? I was hoping for the actual resource being updated, namely, the project.

Note that both the parent (portfolio) and user (in this case, me) gid correspond to the correct user performing the action as well as the right parent resource.

Thanks in advanced,

update – I re-established the webhook and am getting the correct information now.