Webhook for workspace to get events on add and remove

Hi there,

I want to create webhook to get event on add or remove new workspace/organization in my account. But when I use my account gid as resource it says “resource: Not a recognized ID: <account_gid>”. What should be the resource for workspace webhook?

    "data": {
                    "resource": "<account_gid>",
                    "target": "<target_url>",
                    "filters": [
                            "resource_type": "workspace",
                            "action": "added"
                            "resource_type": "workspace",
                            "action": "removed"

@_Sander maybe you can help?

As far as I am aware you cannot establish webhooks on the user resource, hence the error that it cannot recognise your account GID. If you want to establish a webhook on your project/workspace, you should the GID of that specific resource as the value.

I want to get events when new workpsace is created, what should be the resource for this?

The highest level webhook you can establish is on a workspace, so I don’t think there’s any way to get an event when a new workspace gets created.

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@_Sander do you confirm? Any idea?

That is correct.

@_MAN56_Manisha_PHP If you could share what you are trying to do and why, maybe we can suggest alternative approaches. :slight_smile:

I’ve created a webhook on the old workspace so that I can get the event when a new project is created but if a user creates a new project inside a new workspace, in that case, I don’t receive the event as the webhook is not created on the new workspace. I want the event when a new project is created.

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