Virus warning regarding the Asana app on my Huawei Smartphone

When trying to install the Asana Android app, my Huawei (Android Version 9) tells me:
Safetyrisk. Asana seems to be infected, an immediate deinstall is recommended.
It used to work before but at some point came a virus warning regarding Asana which made me deinstall it and when trying to reinstall it didnt disappear.
Any suggestions?

Uploading a screenshot of the warning did not work, but there is no more obvious information to it than what i wrote in this post.


I have the same problem. This started today. The warning was issued a few minutes ago. I uninstalled immediately, but later then checked online to see if there were known errors (not yet) or this forum… where the other user posted about it.

I reinstalled it with my Google Play account, remotely through my desktop, by ordering it to install on my phone, but as soon as the app was finished installing the same message appeared.
Link I used was

Either it IS infected, or you used a method that gives a false positive. Since I don’t use the mobile app that often, I will wait for a solution, instead of ignoring the warning.


Same here, Huawei phone.

I got exactly the same notification. Very strange, is it just the Huawei?

Yup, me too: Huawei P20 Pro, EMUI v10.0.0.197

I’ve uninstalled. CCP probably has a competing project management app :wink:

I got it too on my Huawei P20 today, and yesterday I had it on 2 other apps

Yep, Huawei nova 3i. Have uninstalled it thinking just in case it was a real threat. Seems I’m not the only one. Let’s hope someone fixes it.

+1 on this issue… I got it on my Honor 10 as well as my girlfriend on her Huawai P30

Same here. I’m using Honor 20 (work phone)
I also have an iPhone (personal) and everything good there

Me too, Huawei P30

Same issue here.

Hi folks, thank you all for flagging this :slight_smile:

Our Product team are working on this as a priority. I’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as we have any updates.

Thank you for your patience!

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Some friends are reporting a message about security issues on android app

What do you know about this, is it safe to keep it installed?

This one is from Google Play

is there an update on this?

same here, P20 PRO Huawei

Same problem here!

Same here. Is this only for Huawei phone users or are there other androïd phones that have the same issue?

Hi any update on this issue? Thanks.

Lo mismo en dos equipos Huawei P30 Lite y Nova 5T.