Viewing attachments


Is there a way to view attachments without having to download them first?
I hope there is a way to view attachments like with email where you simply click on the attachment and it opens to view.


We are one with you on this! Asana has so many things to improve on when it comes to attachments.


We hear you on this. One starter solution: To view image attachments without downloading them just click on the magnifying glass icon in the corner of the image thumbnail.


Thank you Alexis,
I don’t see a magnifying glass, just a “hand”, if I click the hand the
attachment (document or image) wants to download

Kind regards

Stephen Moolenschot


I don’t see a magnifying glass either :frowning:


I dont see one either.


Hey there! It looks like the magnifying glass / thumbnail functionality has been deprecated.

Now the intended functionality for viewing images is: the image appears in the history list on a task, and then if you’d like to view the image specifically you’ll see the image appear in a new tab.