View all Apps / Integrations

I’m our Asana admin. I’m looking to see what apps I have connected to our Asana workspace. Is there a place where all of the apps/integrations are listed?

Did you look under My Profile-Apps

Maybe you wish to see apps that all users have used instead of the ones you used yourself?

I was looking under settings. Good to know it is under profile settings. I thought the app would be distributed across the entire workspace, which is why I didn’t think to look under my profile. Thanks!

I was thinking that the apps were distributed across the workspace vs. by individual user. The above answered my question, but it would be good to see what all users have used so I could deauthorize the ones that are not being actively used.

@Ashley_Stauffer, What you’re asking for is an Enterprise feature:

  • Whitelisting —Keep data in your control by managing which apps have access to your Asana domain. Admins can view, block, and whitelist any third party apps in use.