Admin and Integrations



Is there a way for an admin to be able to view all integration that other workspace members have used and what integrations they have used?
In an aim to stream line integrations and to review what has worked and what should be removed, I cannot access the integrations that are built by other members on ASANA.

Any thoughts of that can be retrieved? I think it would be good for that to be available for admin users.


@RashadIssa, integrations are part of Asana Connect. That means that the integration gets individual user access and act on behalf of the user so it’s not possible to be managed from others, Admins either.

Why do you want to “remove” or “block” specific integrations? Is there any corporate policy for that? The authorization of third-party apps on behalf of the user is not addressed to him?


The way integrations are built are individual triggered. If this person is being part of a bigger process and they leave, the integration will collapse the minute their account is deactivated.
As the workspace admin, I would like to be able to “rescue” any integration that was contributing to a certain department / team process.


I see. Why you don’t create a bot user to handle the major integrations of your organization?


Tell me more! I am listening :slight_smile:


All the processes will be handled from a email address who will also have an account at your asana organization. This user will also have access to GitHub, forms, zapier etc.

You’ll create all the flows you need to remain stable, on this user (you will be the only one that has access to this account).

I can imagine more solutions if you have specific cases. Feel free to reach me in private messages if you think that goes off topic :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Thank you so much… I can see :bulb: now… :sunglasses:
I will def reach out to you if I hit a wall or something :slight_smile:


Just to say thank you for the tip! The idea was welcomed, issue rectified and a process is now put in place :slight_smile:


That’s perfect @RashadIssa! I’m really glad that the solution worked for your company :slight_smile: