Using Asana to monitor projects in PMO

Hi All,

I’m looking for some advice or top tips. I’ve recently joined an organisation and have introduced Asana as a tool for our PMO to utilise and monitor projects across various departments. Trouble is there are multiple project leads and only a handful of us Project managers in the PMO as we are acting as support to the leads as well as managing our own projects and only us PM’s have access to Asana. I’m trying to find the best way to include all projects in the business into Asana so we can effectively track and monitor and report on to the board, without having all project leads needing to be setup in Asana? Any pointers on this?

I’ve setup forms to support project requests and have an approval process but once these are live they are being tracked in silo’s and i want a joined up approach so we can see all the dependencies and cross-over, etc. I’m thinking forms could also be good for status reports but i welcome all your suggestions.


Do you know what plan you have? Check and see if you have an option for “Public link: Off” as shown in the below screen grab. If you do, you can create a sharable link to your project that others can view without needing an Asana account.

They won’t be able to do anything - and I believe custom fields and dashboards are not viewable, but it is better than nothing!