Uninstall/install event of an app component

Hello there!

Is there any install/uninstall event for teh App component?
I.e. I want to add a URL attachment to each task during install via the API, and then if the user wants to uninstall the component I have to remove those attachments for each task from the API.

Thank you in advance!

Other than the authentication event when first connecting an App Component to a workspace, there’s no event when you add it to a project, if that’s what you mean by “install”.

There is no uninstall event; in fact there’s currently no way to remove an App Component at all.

Hey @gtola and @Phil_Seeman, thanks for reaching out. My name is Katy from the API team here at Asana.

Phil is right, today we do not send an event when an app is added to a project. It sounds like what you want to do is add a URL attachment programmatically whenever an app is added to a project. I’d be curious to learn more about what you are building if you are willing to share. We are actively seeking feedback on how to support more use cases and this particular request has come up in the past.

Phil, one quick question for you, I’m curious about what you mean about no way to remove an App Component at all? A customer can remove a URL attachment from a task and they can remove an app from a project but is there something else you are thinking about here?

Hi Katy! You’re right, that was too imprecise of a comment; it’s not the case that an App Component can’t be removed at all. As you note, it can be removed at the task or project level.

I was thinking more of the case that an organization decides that it doesn’t want its users to be using an App Component at all and wants to completely “uninstall” it from an org/workspace. Although after I wrote this comment, I learned that it will soon be possible for an admin to “block” an App Component - that’s not 100% the same as totally uninstalling it but is pretty close; I guess it’s really functionally the same from an Asana user standpoint.