Undo function on Timeline should also undo any dependency conflict updates

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

In timeline, i’ve set up a number of dependencies. If I move out a precedent task, it subsequently moves out the dependent task, which is fine. But if I undo this move, the precedent task moves back to where it was but the dependent task stays in its new position.

Steps to reproduce: Moving precedent/dependent tasks then undoing

Browser version: Chrome, Edge and Opera (no others tested)

Hi @Jessica_Clements, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! Our product team confirmed this is currently working as expected and they are considering updating this behaviour in the future.

Sorry but how can that be functioning correctly? If I have 30 tasks being pushed out by a change in one precedent, i have to manually go back and change them all back. That’s insanity and an absolutely huge amount of work every time I want to demonstrate to executives how our timeline works.

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Agreed, just discovered this today, I’m still making Gantt charts in project and Excel because Asana handles it so poorly. More “work about work” is created every time we beat a milestone and I have to manually do the math on all future due dates, move all of those tasks up, then confirm they still have the correct intervals.