Uncompletable tasks feature Request.

In the case the content of a project is a repository on information. Items that have check-boxes next to them are anxiety inducing if the items are not in fact completable. It would be a better experience if content that fits this type did not display a check box.

Possible implementation

  • Add an action on a task “Mark as uncompletable”
  • For tasks that are “uncompletable” the check box is removed in the list view and the “Mark complete” action is removed in the header

Hiding Uncompleteable Tasks

I think the simplest option is to require tasks to be restored back to completable before being checked off. However, I think many people will opt for just deleing the task when a hide action would be preferred. A few options:

  1. Allow the UI to be a little inconsistent and actually allow completing an uncompleatble task via a context menu. Perhaps changing the action to “Force complete” or “Mark as completable and complete” or just “Mark complete”

  2. Extend the concept of “completing a task” in include hiding it. “Mark as complete/hidden”

  3. I notice there are a few other feature requests for allowing indicating the closure of a task that doesn’t contain the notion of “done” such as “closed unsuccessfully” or “canceled” etc. This would be another case where an “archived” or “hidden” state could be a solution.

Is this the same as the Messages feature?

No, because messages are ordered chronological as topics are discussed. Where as the content described here is semantically ordered like documentation or a book.

Is this the same as the Overview tab?

No, because the Overview tab describes information of the board itself - purpose, direction and meaning to the content of the board.

Case study / example

Please refer to Todoist’s “Uncompletable task” feature.

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