Unable to connect to Google drive


Hi Marie

Aha! This makes a lot of sense. Thanks for pointing this out.

I think how I’ll proceed, then, is to use the Chrome integration for quick access, cross-integrate with Slack, and use the browser version of Asana for all other engagements.

Thanks again for your help,



You’re very welcome Heather :slight_smile:


AWESOME! Thanks Scott, that worked perfectly :slight_smile:


First day Noob of Asana here… what I’ve read so not only do csv files don’t import correctly or have a details field, now I’m reading that Google Drive Integration is a problem for Asana??? This is not effortless project management at all!


Hi @Anna_Downs,

Could you please let us know what issue you’re running into with Google Drive? Would be more than happy to help!


As Scott said, its a cookie blocking issue. You have to allow Google’s cookies for it to work. Here are the guides to do it in Chrome and in Firefox:



I followed all steps to allow Google’s cookies.
But I are unable to connect to GoogleDrive anyway.
“Attach Google Files - Sorry, we were unable to connect to Google. Please try again later.”


That does seem strange @Swen, can you try to log in from an incognito window? Are you running into the same issue?


Thank you, @Marie!
I logged in from an incognito window and it works.
I will now check what the reason could be.
But as long as I have a workaround now every is fine. Thanks!


Great news @Swen! If it works with a private window, the issue is probably related to an extension installed in on your browser, so if you have recently installed a new one, I’d recommend disabling it and see if it resolves your issue!


i was able to resolve the problem by following @Scott_Burns’ suggestion above. i am using Chromium 69.0.3497.100, so my settings might be slightly different than his build from August 2018, but i had to go to “Advanced Settings” -> Privacy and security -> Content settings -> Cookies . in the “Allow” section, i added: