typeahead response does not include user name for non-org workspaces

When calling https://app.asana.com/api/1.0/workspaces/{org-id}/typeahead?resource_type=user&query=tom&opt_fields=email,name,resource_type,workspaces

where org-id is an ID of my organization workspace, I receive a collection of users matching the query i.e. ‘tom’. Each data entry contains email and name property as requested. The name property has expected value.

However, if I run the same query against a non-org workspace, a workspace created within my org:


where {workspace-id} is not an org, I get a similar result but for each data entry email and name are always the same. For some reason for non-org workspace user names are not resolved when using the typeahead API endpoint.

Is this a bug?

It appears that I need to set the user name for each workspace individually. So not a bug, more like a feature. Feel free to close this.