Inconsistence between endpoints


We are using the users API (GET /workspaces/{workspace_gid}/users) and the response comes perfectly. But, when we use another endpoint (GET /users), some users e-mail comes in the place of name field. Here’s an example:

The json response when calls GET /users: {“gid”:“120**********164”,“name”:“”,“resource_type”:“user”}

The json response when calls GET /workspaces/{workspace_gid}/users: {“gid”:“120**********164”,“name”:“Thais Cruz”,“resource_type”:“user”}

Here’s the same user on Asana app:

There’s some explanation for this difference?

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Hi @Workflow,

I experience the same thing and am actually in the process of discussing this with one of my contacts at Asana; will let you know the outcome here.


I am wondering if it isn’t related to the fact that they recently changed the fact that when invited into another workspace/org, you lose your picture and name and have to type it again. Meaning they don’t store a unified profile anymore somehow… :thinking: (@Phil_Seeman maybe that can help with your analysis)

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Yes, @Bastien_Siebman, in my case, the users were in two workspaces - in one of them, the name field returns the name, in the other, the name field returns the email address. So it might be related to what you’re mentioning.

@Workflow, in your case, is that user in multiple workspaces?

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No, the users with this issue joined the company a few days ago and they joined in only one workspace.

Interesting - OK, thanks for this info. Will let you know if I have any updates to share on this.

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Hi @Workflow,

The Asana Developer Relations team looked into this and has some info on it; they’ll be posting that here shortly.

Ok, @Phil_Seeman. Thanks!