Turning off Asana File Sharing and Mobile Access?

I have a question. We are interested in leveraging Asana for our PMO at the credit union where I work. Obviously we work with sensitive information and would like the ability to turn off the file upload/sharing aspect of Asana. Is this possible? Also, is it possible to turn off the mobile app access to Asana as well?

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Hi @Ric_Diaz I don’t believe either of those options are available.

I would check how your internal Cloud Storage works, as if you use either Dropbox, Drive or OneDrive then the only aspect you are sharing is a link to the file. The actual file is not shared and will only be able to be accessed through your internal cloud storage mechanisms.


We do not have internal cloud storage. We just have file servers. We’d like to turn off the ability to upload files through Asana is that possible?

@Ric_Diaz not that I am aware of.

@Edda or @Cathya are you able to advise if there is anyway this can be done.


Hey @Jason_Woods, thanks for looping us in!

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As of now, there would be no function which would allow you to turn off the ability to upload files through Asana. I would recommend creating a thread in our #productfeedback category for this!

What would be your best recommendation for us block this ability? We’d like to ensure our users do not try to upload data and then pull it down from their home computers. Our security here at the credit union is very sensitive to cloud based apps that have this ability.

Hi @Ric_Diaz, unfortunately there is currently no option to completely block the ability to attach or to download attachments from Asana, but as mentioned by @Edda, you can create a new thread in our #productfeedback to allow other users to vote for this feature to be implemented in the future!

Hi Marie. As @Ric_Diaz requested a year before. There is a mechanism or process implemented by Asana to avoid leak information (DLP) through uploading or downloading files?