Turn any Asana project into a webpage: interesting?

Prototype is coming along nicely. A new level has been reached with a webpage being generated and hosted on a unique URL.

Try it yourself Templana, anything is possible with Asana !

And with this Wordpress plugin you can embed the content on your site Remote Content Shortcode – Extension WordPress | WordPress.org Français

Next step: automatic update when Asana project is updated!


absolutely, completely agree!

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Latest update: webhooks are up and running, which means your page will update automatically when you update your project in Asana!

Can anyone try it out on Templana, anything is possible with Asana and confirm it works for you? The changes can take up to a minute to be available on the webpage :slight_smile:

At the moment, we don’t refresh the token we get from the API which means updates won’t work after the token expires (a few hours?!). Working on it soon.

Thanks everyone!


@Bastien_Siebman confirmed it works!

  • when to website to create page. Looks very nice.
  • linked asana account to site very easily… maybe too easily… will I be able to undo that later…?
  • Picked a workspace that I don’t use very often and proceeded to next page of setup. No projects show up in list, just n empty page.
  • realise that I haven’t setup any projects in that workspace yet… go figure.
  • create a new BOARD project… because why not?
  • added a few lists, cards, a conversation post and updated my project status.
  • refreshed new website. cards now show up
  • Edited a few cards, added a description and maybe a comment somewhere
  • card edits appear after a few moments. Only titles show on website show up, looks good so far.

Good work!

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@atrain101 thanks so much for the test!
@rspringer your post disappeared apparently. Do you want to tell me more about your need and see if we can arrange something?

@Bastien_Siebman I played around with this and think it is a very good idea. I will tell you a couple things I experienced.

  1. Clicking the team did not narrow down to only the projects in the Team.
  2. The font was very large at all levels on my computer and large row heights
  3. There was no distinguishing font or highlighting of text for Section names.
  4. There was no filtering on complete or incomplete tasks, they all showed up, albeit there is another possibility that all re-occuring tasks showed up.
  5. Would you be adding assignee and Due Date to this which did not show up.

Admittedly I have not stayed real close to this, just gave it a try and these were observations. They may be totally in left field.


Thanks a lot for the feedbacks!

  1. What did it do then?
  2. My idea is that people will integrate the page on their website and apply their own CSS. But this might be too nerdy, I need to offer basic and custom styling.
    3.4. Thanks, duly noted.
  3. Probably yes.

Thanks again.

It showed all the projects in the organization instead of just the Team

Ok this is clearly a bug, thanks.

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Little update on the project. We now extract tasks title-description-tags-due dates-subtasks, inserting them with clear classes in the HTML so custom styling will be easy.

I also fixed the bug where you get the whole list of projects when you chose a team (instead of seeing that team’s projects).

Next on the list: offer pre-defined styles + deal with tokens allowing page to update itself indefinitly.

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Good news, I am ready to launch a first version. Bye bye prototype, hello version 1.0!

You now have access to custom styling as well as pre-defined styles. You can delete a page you created. And your page is updated when tasks change, even after token expired.


I will soon move to a Freemium model. I am offering a Premium account to anyone who tests the product, provides feedbacks and answers these three questions:

  • is there anything missing from the product to make it worth your money?
  • what would be an acceptable price for it?
  • what should I do to get the word out and get new users?

Thanks guys!


My Feature requests would be:

  1. Option to specify subtask depth (0 - for no subtask support, 1 - default, 2 and more - for deep tree rendering).
  2. Option to include project title and description in the page (and HTML <title> and meta description)
  3. Option to include Table Of Contents with Asana task id as <a name>.
  4. Option to allow/restrict page from crawlers (meta noindex).
  5. Option to publish collection of projects as “site”, with pretty url for every project, and internal asana links translated into links between projects. One of the projects would have to be designated as “default” page.
  6. Option to convert all projects of a Team into “site”.
  7. Ability to publish page/“site” in easy to guess subdomain of three-dots.io.
  8. White-labeling of the “site” to be published under arbitrary subdomain (ReadTheDocs does that for free for Open Source projects).
  9. Webhook to notify external system when page was republished.
  10. To enable “internal” publishing, or publishing to closed groups of people some kind of access control is necessary, but that is not trivial thing to do, compared to simple publishing.

List is already too long, The most useful for me would be TOC, and anchors, but I’m not sure I’d pay for that extra feature. Some XSLT magic would create them for me :wink:

Everything else requires careful market analysis.

For new users, Asana Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana section should provide you some steady stream of users. Something like footnote on rendered page that Generated with three-dots.io, would help.

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Thanks a lot, I am adding everything in the roadmap for analysis!

Couple of extra thoughts regarding to the way how the Three Dots CMS works at the moment:

  • I’d just noticed that tool is not copying task note formatting to generated HTML. It would be good to be able to copy formatting as well. I’m interested at least in paragraphs, but extracting styles like bold and lists in HTML would be great as well.
  • Another interesting feature would be to have title of linked task/project to become text of <a href> instead of app.asana.com.
  • it would be good if you offer https://hypothes.is/ integration out-of-the-box (see Client docs). Anybody is able to use proxy mode, but “native” integration would remove extra step for users.

Ability to feed Hypothesis comments back to Asana as comments can be considered premium feature. You’d need to integrate more tightly, via Hypothesis API, and develop some anchoring technique to link back to Asana tasks, but it should be doable since you control the content. More info about integration options at: https://h.readthedocs.io.

Thanks a lot, everything is written down in my Asana, I will consider them as I go.

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Hi everyone,

Some quick news from three-dots CMS! I have worked a bit more on the project, and I have been using my own service to build pages of the website:

It feels awesome to only update content in my Asana, and see pages of the site updates automatically!

In the latest features:

  • an admin page with a list of the projects managed by a user
  • project name and notes can be displayed at the top of the page
  • pages can be indexed by Google

We also introduced our Premium plan (https://three-dots.io/pricing) for $5/month/page. I will keep adding features, and it probably won’t stay this cheap, so subscribe now!

You can have a look at our official roadmap (https://three-dots.io/public-roadmap). Now is also time to suggest features or email me to move up the roadmap some of them! If you are aiming for a Premium plan I can definitely adapt the roadmap for you.

In the following days, I will create a post here to announce the service officially, but thanks a lot to everyone in this thread for all the help and support!


Great idea. I would use this to discuss features for clients and have them follow the webpage to see development and progress that being said I would need a way to Mark complete and show the client that the features
Has been completed .

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@Chaim_Chernoff you could add a “complete” tag and it would show up on the page, or move the completed task under a “Completed:” section

That is a great project. I would use in on our Intranet page to give updates on upcoming internal projects. However, I am mainly using the column layout. Any thoughts about when it could be an option? And to answer one of your questions, I would have no issue paying for this great addon.
Thanks :wink:

Supporting the board layout is pretty much the next thing in the roadmap.

I don’t know when I will work on it but your message will surely motivate me to work on it!

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