Tracking a tasks journey through sections

My team is looking to surface some data about the paths of tasks through our workflow. We’d like to get data such as how many tasks created in the last 7 days have gone into a certain section - even if they are not currently in that section.

A simplified use case of our current implementation is as follows:

  1. New bug ticket created and added to ‘New Today’ section.
  2. We can then move it to either the ‘Raise with a developer’ section or ‘Back with success’ section which either adds it to our developers board or allows our success team to go back with a supplied answer
  3. Then the task is ‘Closed’ and is moved to the ‘Closed’ bucket

Currently, we can get a report of what is in each bucket at a certain time. So we could get the amount currently in ‘Raise with a Developer’. What we are after is the amount of tasks that have been in the ‘Raise with a Developer’ section in the last 7 days for example.

Is there anything that can surface the journey a ticket has taken (currently we are manually trawling through each ticket and recording all of the section changes, which is very time consuming, and won’t be feasible when there are even more tasks. Is there an integration or feature which can help us?

We have recently upgraded to the business plan on a free trial in hopes something in here will help us!


Hi @anon5798043, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

A similar conversation happened here: Can you track time spent per task per section? - #4 by Sami_Linnanvuo1

You might want to take a look at the Screenful Dashboard for Asana. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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