traceback/log for rules being invoked

Is there a log that is created for which rules are invoked in practice when an action happens on a board and a new story element is added to the task?

Hi @Yoni_Sidi,

No, there’s no log that has this information (for Enterprise accounts there is an Audit Log API but it doesn’t contain any rule-related info). The only way to get this type of info would be to query task stories and extract the info as best you can.

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i dont think that is possible in the stories. they dont got to that kind of resolution. which rule gids was used to take a series of actions gid

Right, you definitely don’t have info in stories about which rule fired. The most I think you could get is to look for activity that “Asana” did. I realize it’s probably insufficient for what you’re wanting but I think it’s the only opportunity for anything rule-related in terms of logs, so I at least wanted to mention it.

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stories are… what the word i’m looking for here? Is there a "truthful" audit trail? - #5 by Sami_Linnanvuo

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I agree on that point, @Yoni_Sidi!