[Timeline] Add Assignee visualisation when zooming out by Months, Quarters, Half Year or Year

Please allow us to see all assignees at a glance in timeline view, ideally with a thumbnail image on each task. We use this view a lot and it’s a frustration that we can’t get this information easily.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Phil_Cockrell, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! :slight_smile:

It’s currently possible to see assignees in Timeline view, the option is currently available when you zoom in by Days or Weeks. I believe you are zooming out your Timeline view by Months, Quarters, Half Year or Year and for this reason you don’t see assignees.

Thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback with us! I’ll keep you posted if we have any plans to add this feature.

Thanks Emily.

The weekly view unfortunately is too zoomed in to be useful for us, it would be great if the assignee was visible in the monthly or even quarterly views as well! Or ideally even just a toggle that we could turn on or off in the timeline view header.

Thanks again for your response, Asana has made a big impact in how we manage our work but this small detail is a surprising sticking point.