Time & Deadline Tracker



Hello everyone, I was wondering if you knew an Asana integration for deadline tracking. Let me explain :sweat_smile:

I work in a film distribution company, and we have contracts for film licenses that expire after 1 or 3 years. I would like to set up a follow-up for this that would send a reminder saying “be careful, you still have 6months before you licenses expires” or something like that…So a sort of tracker where you would enter a specific date, and it would send you automatic reminders that your deadline is approaching…

Also do you know any time tracking integration linked to the assignee and his tasks ? For example, if we establish that you have 10 hours of work a day, and you set durations for various tasks, the integration would tell you when you exceed the 10hours allocated.

I know it sounds overly specific, but I’d be happy to work around if I found an app that did half of these two things…

Any ideas ?


Hi @Caroline_Audi

Here are a few threads that discuss time tracking that you might be interested in:

Regarding deadline tracking, here are some options:

  • I like to create a series of deadline tasks for myself in Asana. You could create separate 3 month and 6 month warning tasks with due dates, so you’ll get a notification. Or you might set a reminder task to repeat every 3 months, or at whichever interval you’ll want a heads up about your deadline.
  • Instagantt https://asana.com/apps/instagantt
  • Zapier https://zapier.com/zapbook/asana/
  • If This Then That https://ifttt.com/


I would add that Outplanr may be worth a look. I have given some feedback on this product which if implemented will be awesome