The ideas how to get more screen space for tasks in mobile apps' list and board views. We need it

Hi! Please let me share my thoughts. So If I suddenly became as part of testing team, i would like ho share more recommendation from my point of view for iPhone. Please analysis and reply to me. Make more screen space for main objects like as tasks and cards via:

Variant 1 (maximum space for tasks and cards) - Delete Title from top and update func for bottom part of screen (buttons).
Take a look at search screen below, it looks wonderful without title on top because it’s enough to have got lightening button on bottom part of the screen:

Why not to do the same in the “my task” and home-“project” screen and follow 1, 2, 3, 4 correction below to get minimum +2 and maximum two times more more screen lines for tasks:

  1. (+1 screen line for task) Delete title to give more space for tasks and cards (for iPhone it’s really useful). I am sure our community will like it.
  2. Function of “….” button moves to hold tap or long tap onto “My Task” button and “Home”(for project screen) button. Long tap to “My task” button would calls this menu:

For example: just do now long tap onto “account” button and “switch account” screen will appear on iPhone. It would be good to use the same logic of call that you have already made.

  1. (almost x2 times more screen lines for tasks) The new list view is without table and it shows 7 tasks instead of 13(old list view). New view looks like board view but with one-line text and project name… Why not to improve board view and not to loss table feature in list view. Please give us beck list view with table like it was. You will be able to have both views and please put setup switcher inside the button below:


  2. (+1 screen line for task) If you use iPhone, you don’t need “+” button because you have got “+new task” button with almost the same functionality. If delete “+” button, It would save 1 card line position. I understand why “+” is useful for iPad because there are several columns at the screen, but in iPhone is only one column.

And about project screen below with points: a, b(for “….” use long or hold tap onto HOME Screen ), c. the logic is the same as described above:

Variant 2 - it’s not so goos as variant 1 but you can move some objects from the bottom to the top to give us place for 1 more task and do move improvements from var1:

Hi to support team. I have not seen any reply to my post above. If it is useful or I am wasting your(support team) and my time, please post feedback to clarify it.

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