The HubSpot Integration barely works!

The hubspot integration allows you to set 2 rule triggers: “If Deal Status Changes” and “If Deal Amount Changes”. But these triggers do not allowed you to build rules based on what they were changed to.

So, let’s say our sales Manager:

  • Changes Deal A from Lead → Closed (New customer!)
  • Changes Deal B from Lead → Lost (No customer)

I can only set a rule to say “Well, the deal was changed…”. Even in the templates for Hubspot rules, it suggests “If Deal Status changes, then move to a new section like Closed Won”, but there is no way to tell if it belongs in “Closed Won” because thats not available as a check!

My company really needs this integration, and right now, it’s essentially useless. We also can’t do anything with the Deal Amount. You can say “If the deal amount changes…” but nothing like “Put deal amount in this field”.

Hi @Dave_Bixler1, welcome to the Asana Forum! I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble with the HubSpot + Asana integration. In order to investigate this issue further, I recommend you to contact our support team: How to contact our Support Team ✉

Our technical team will be happy to give you more details about this integration. Feel free to add the link to this thread to your request so you don’t need to repeat the information.

I hope you find a solution soon!

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