The Anatomy of Work: Imposter Syndrome - March 24th @ 3.30pm GMT / 4.30 CET

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Asana recently launched The Anatomy of Work Index 2021, which surveyed over 13,000 knowledge workers from around the world. The report uncovers how 62% of people experience Imposter Syndrome, with the UK leading the charge in their belief that they are not as competent as others perceive them to be.

Join our webinar on March 24th to hear from a panel of experts on the topic of Imposter Syndrome, including:

  • Elizabeth Day, award-winning author, journalist and broadcaster

  • Matthew Syed, journalist, broadcaster and author of Black Box Thinking

  • Owen O’Kane, former clinical lead for an NHS mental health service.

The panel will be moderated by Asana’s General Manager of EMEA, Simon O’Kane. They’ll explore their experience of Imposter Syndrome, the impact it has on individuals, teams, and entire organisations and how you can address it in your own life.



I could definitely give a testimonial on imposter syndrome :sweat_smile:

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🙋I can’t wait for this one, I am a big fan of the How to Fail podcast by Elizabeth Day (and I highly recommend a listen, if you never came across it!).


Hi Marie,
This was a great webinar. Will Asana be sharing the recording with attendees?

Hi @Laura_Duggan,

I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this webinar and yes, I’ll be posting the recording on this thread within the next couple of days - stay tuned!

Hi @Laura_Duggan and all :wave:t3:

You can now access the recording of this webinar via this page :slight_smile: Have all a great week and thanks again for attending!

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