The ability to collapse Later in My Tasks V2 when having > 1,000 tasks

I’m afraid that this is causing My Tasks to take longer than usual to load. I’m not certain what the justification is not have the ability to collapse this field yet this is the prompt I see in V2:

image (3)

It was certainly a section that I always kept collapsed previously as I relied on auto-promotion (still do in V2 with Rules) to tell me what needed my attention as it was upcoming.

Other discussions on this finding noted in this post also: 🚨 Be careful with task auto-promotion disappearing - #11 by Jerod_Hillard

Hi @LEGGO, thanks for providing this feedback. I’m sorry that this is causing your My Tasks to take longer to load!

I’ve passed this onto our Product team. I’ll let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

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FWIW @Rebecca_McGrath I am able to collapse later from my iOS app and it stays that way in the mobile app at least.

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Hi @Rebecca_McGrath , we just reached 1,000 tasks on one of our projects and now we cannot collapse that section. Has there been an update from the Product Team?