Templates: Estimating Workloads by Roles

I have created a few new templates and I would like to see what the workload is for each project based on role.

Is there any way to do this besides setting is up as a new project and assigning tasks to people? (This will confused the organization).


There’s no direct support for estimating workload by roles, and there’s little support in templates for anything more than constructing the template.

If you’re willing to create projects from the templates, you could then employ other workarounds to help.

If by “workload” you explicitly mean Asana’s “Workload” feature, that runs off assignees, so to avoid the hassle you mention, you could consider a hack with email that allows you to have alternate email addresses that use your same email inbox. For example, if your email is lindsay16@gmail.com, you could create Asana logins as lindsay16-role1@gmail.com and lindsay16-role2@gmail.com, assign tasks to those roles, and use Workload for the projects generated from your template.

If you didn’t mean Asana’s Workload feature but just looking to calculate resource levels, you could consider using Asana’s reporting to calculate estimated effort, or maybe even the sums of numeric custom fields in list view for sections.

Hope that helps,


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