Template Dates - dates past allowed (past launch)

I am using templates with Dates set as “dates before launch” where I want to capture the Launch date as the key due date and milestone. However, I also want to add +7 and +14 days past launch that are reporting metrics captures. The system will not allow you to add past due date (or negative dates).

ie: I have a 3 week project run up to “launch” but after the launch milestone is met, I would like to capture “reporting KPIs” tasks on 1 week and 2 weeks following launch.

The template does not allow for you to set the auto fill date tool on a task by task basis (only whole project), otherwise I would change it to “from start date” and set that start as the launch, for the remaining 2 task lines.

I hope that was not wholly confusing.


Yes indeed you can’t have negative date. I am pretty sure there is an existing thread on the topic, let me try to find it.

Probably the closest thing New project template: Due date of tasks not only before OR after the project but both!

This is one feature I asked for previously!!
They were going to look into how they can do this on the template as I have the exact same use case as you!

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We have launches, and those are hard due dates that need to be the focus of the project, but nothing is “done” when launched.

Cleanup, Metrics gathering, Retro meetings, and other related work is also required on a launch(or after an event) , so every launch (or event) gains better traction.

We have a template for launches that have testing iterations on 2 week cycles. and the KPI and reporting tasks are CRITICAL to continuing improvement, but come AFTER the “Due Date”.

An add on control at a task level for this template would be that extra automation that makes this successful.

When building out campaigns I consider my mail appeal drop date (hard due date) as my Asana due date.

I then have email drop dates that occur +1, +2 and +3 weeks after this date. In my template I’ve been filling in all details except due date and then manually populating the data after using the template.

I do agree, it would be nice to set your due date and still have tasks with dates +/- days before/after due.

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