Templana: let's build a good affiliate program

Hi everyone,

I am working on an affiliate program for Templana.com :tada:and I wanted the community’s feedback on what is a good affiliate program.

As a member of such program:

  • what commission would you expect on sales?
  • how long would you expect the cookie to live? (in other words, if someone clicked on your link, and made a purchase 6 months later, would you expect a commission?)
  • do you expect bonuses/gifts like “a free template after your first commission” or “an increased commission if you reach $X per month” or “all templates for free for the best affiliate of the month”
  • would you expect the users to see on the website that they currently have an affiliate cookie stored?

Any other feedback is welcomed!
Thanks a lot


I think the best is to give 20% commission for 3 years. People invests time to find customers from you, so a little 10% for 1 year, or for the first purchase is not enough. See our Bridge24 Affiliate Program details here.

I was indeed going for 20%, the question that remained was the duration of the cookie. Someone clicking your link on day would still earn money 3 years from now? That seems very long… but why not! I love the feedback, thanks.

I was thinking about a possible affiliate program for Flowsana as well. I was thinking of somewhat of a compromise, maybe 20% for a year. Not sure yet, still looking at it…

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well i think 10 - 20% is a good percentage in general and most of the affiliate programs i checked was more like 10%
giving the affiliate cookie life time of a year or 3 years is great but for the affiliate only, to be realistic if i send someone to Templana tomorrow (home page or specific template) and this person didn’t buy anything for the next month from your website! i don’t think i did a good affiliate job !! so consider months time max not years.

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The program is open to anyone! I decided on 20% commission, 60-days cookies. Contact me to get in!