Teams Visibility on iPad (mobile UI)

Can we get a teams view/menu in the mobile app. It appears to be the one part of the file structure that has been hidden.

The home page has

  • projects, tasks, projects, portfolios, goals, comments…

But teams has to be searched for… can we get a teams widget/view to browse?

The Android app Home page lists teams and their projects.

The iOS app does, also. What are we missing here, @FenwayJohnny, that you’re looking for?

The only visibility on teams that I am seeing is once you’ve clicked “See All Projects”

And then your projects are organized by team.

But I am wanting Teams as its own widget like Projects, My Tasks, Comments, Portfolios, Goals.

Ah, OK, that’s the iPad app.

It has the same capability as the other 2 mobile UIs, though, in that if you go to Home > Projects > See all, you have a list of all of your teams and the projects in them, as @lpb mentioned.

I guess you’re wanting a list of teams, and if you tap a team, it goes to a screen listing all of that team’s projects? Is that accurate? And is that discernably different enough from what we have now?


You understand correctly.

The way its currently designed is certainly “workable” but its just not how I would like to lead my users into work.

For my workspace, the Team level category is what users will reach for first to dive into work.

We are a construction company and the teams level represents the construction project (e.g. 123 Main St), and the Asana projects within it are the different tools we use to manage the project (scopes, bids, orders, schedule, etc).

So when we begin to focus work on a particular project it makes a lot more sense for us to look for the Team (aka project address) that we are focusing on and only have the Asana projects that are associated with it in view.

The current mobile UI design requires the user to scroll through a busy view of teams and projects with an arrangement that mirrors the users sidebar in the desktop app. For us, its too much info all at once. Would be preferred to jump into a view that lists all teams (an ability to sort via name would be a little cherry on top), then tap that team to a focused view of its projects.

The desktop app allows for this. But for some reason the mobile UI (both iPad and iPhone) nests team divisions within the “View all Projects” view.

For us, this results in a clunky and distracted experience on the mobile side of things.

So yea, for us it is discernibly different. It would not only be a more intuitive pathway into work, but also would help keep us focused.

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