Team calendar view for mobile




inside the mobile app, we have “favorites project” area where we can see for each of our favorite the related “calendar”.
On Asana web site there is a way to add the main calendar to as a favorite project.
Unfortunately on mobile the “main calendar” not appear in “favorites project area”, if you allow that we all we be able to use “man calendar” without a big effort from your development team.



I second this request. Team Calendar is my favorite!


As a daily user of Asana and a person who has been encouraging many coworkers to use Asana and helping them learn how to use it - a Team Calendar view on Mobile would help tremendously!


I add my voice to this please and beg you to add main calendar functionality to the mobile view. I was just onboarding myself to the desktop version and never in my wildest dreams did I think that I wouldn’t be able to view the information on mobile. I am now faced with moving all the information out of Asana to an alternative platform, or taking screengrabs of my desktop to carry with me when I’m off-site. This seems utter madness, especially given that Asana is such a good tool when one can access it.