Tasks not showing up in the proper order


My team and I just started to notice that when you search for tasks with a common element (such as they are all a part of the same project) the results show the tasks to be out of order AFTER they are sorted by Project. The tasks remain in the proper order when you view them by navigating to the project, but not when a “search and sort” is conducted. We are even seeing where the tasks appear to be in the proper order and then the screen flashes (refreshes) causing them to rearrange in the list.

This step is very critical for us today as it seems to be the best way for my team to appropriately apply templates to projects and then easily add assignees and due dates to tasks in a waterfall fashion. With the tasks not appearing in order it makes it very difficult to efficiently customize copies of our templates. This approach wouldn’t be necessary if the CSV Importer accommodated for subtasks and tags so that we could essentially define/configure our templates outside of Asana and then import them in.

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?

(Bug) Selected tasks sorting in reverse order when reassigning project

@Alexis do you know if this is a known bug? I have a big team training today to go over our workflow in Asana and having these tasks reorder completely changes the experience :grimacing:

Anyone else seeing the same behavior by chance? I believe it just started to happen within the last week.


In order to better demonstrate the behavior I am describing, I created a fake template and captured a screen recording of the steps that I am taking. You will notice that after performing the Advanced Search and sorting the results by ‘Project’, the “waterfall” list of results is not in the cascading order that they are then viewing from the project. In the past, this action resulted in a true “waterfall effect” where each parent task was drilled down to show each subtask or sub-subtask in an incremental order before listing the next parent task. Please see the following demonstration clip >>> Asana Screen Recording

This process is critical to our workflow as it allows us to set assignees and due dates to all layered tasks from a single pane of glass. This makes it much quicker to get a project configured mainly due to the ability to multi-select items with common assignees or due dates. The next best thing would be for the CSV import tool to include subtasks, individual assignments and tagging. :wink:

Is nobody else experiencing this behavior? If anyone has a layered template with more than 50+ tasks (including all subtasks), I would greatly appreciate it if you take the steps I took in the video to see if tasks appear out of order for you. Thanks in advance for your support. I’d really like to have this experience acknowledged as a bug so it can be prioritized by engineering. I need support from the community to help make this bug known. THANKS AGAIN!!! :+1:


@Michael_A & @Marie - Are you able to review my comments and screen recording above and comment? I don’t believe this behavior is normal and it’s causing a lot of delays in my team’s workflow. Any follow-up that you could provide would be SUPER helpful! Thanks so much!!!


Thanks for the super helpful screencast @Jerod_Hillard and so sorry for the late follow-up. Unfortunately, this is an expected behavior; as it stands, our Advanced Search does not automatically display tasks and subtasks in the same order than in your Project. I can completely see your point and how confusing this can be, so I’ve gone ahead and escalated your feedback to our Product Team on my end. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience while we work on improving our Advanced Serach!


Thanks for your response and for taking the time to view the screencast, @Marie. Just to be clear, this behavior is also demonstrated when searching for a specific project by typing the name within the search field and selection the first option “Items with …”. If tasks appearing out of order is expected behavior, what is it that dictates the order in which tasks are shown? My team has relied upon this behavior for a couple years now. Only recently (it has been several months now) have we discovered that the order of the tasks are not showing up as expected.


It seems as though Asana squashed this bug!!! YAY!!! :smile: