Tasks based on an Asset list and assign to specific emails?

I have a form with 10 tasks that may be requested for any of 20 assets. Each of the 20 assets is assigned to different troubleshooters, currently 2 different emails.

Do I ask the “asks” as the task or the assets as the task?

OR, do I list the assets as projects? Not sure how to do that, total newbie here.


Hi Scott, welcome to the forum :smiley:
Can you elaborate on this please?

FYI, a form contains a series of questions and each form submission generates a single task with all the information of the submission either

  • within the task description
  • or custom fields if you map your questions to them
  • or both

Thus my question…

In your case, I would assume you would set the assets as questions, but the submission would generate one task, thus one assignee.
If you are on the Business Plan, you could create a rule to send that task to one or more email addresses. Or better yet, create a rule that creates two subtasks for every task added to the project from the form, and have each subtask assigned to your two troubleshooters.

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I suppose my question is how do I add “assets” or unique locations to the project.

My 10 tasks that I track can only occur at one of these 20 locations. How do I base a task on a location? I think I understand the rules associated with each task once created.

Perhaps setting up each asset or location as a separate project inside of a portfolio, each having a standing list of 10 tasks in each asset would be the way to go?

I don’t know if I got your question right, but wouldn‘t it help to create a multiselect custom field in the project where you add your locations/assets to select from?

Your form could also access this custom field.

Let me know if I got it. If not, it may be good to explain your usecase a little further to us for helping you out here.

Hi @Scott_Angelmaier !

@Martin_911 is absolutely right, custom fields is the way to go!

In your case, since 10 tasks sounds more like a section rather than a project, this is what I would suggest:

  1. Create one project which will contain everything (if you don’t mind your troubleshooters to view everything else or each other’s tasks)
  2. Create a custom field for your 20 assets (use a multi-select field if a request can ask for more than one asset, otherwise, use a single-select if requests should only choose from one asset)
  3. Create a single-select custom field for your locations (each time you will have a new location, you will manually add it to this custom field) and sort this custom field in order of how you want your locations to appear in your project as if they were sections.
  4. Once your project is populated with some tasks, sort your project by location, and in the sort options, at the bottom, disable the ‘sort within sections’ so that you have ‘automatic’ sorted sections of your locations.
  5. Add questions to your form such as ‘Select Location’ and ‘Select an asset’ and map these to your relevant custom fields. Note that all locations and asset options will be visible to any form submitter. If you want locations to be private, you may want to use a text custom field instead, but then you can only sort alphabetically within your project, without the aforementioned ‘sorted sections’.