Task Pane - Improve layout of fields/labels including minimizing wasted space

First, a screenshot to be referenced in the first two bullets below:

  1. Wasted space-top right: Above image “A” area is mostly wasted.
  2. Wasted space bottom-left: Above image “B” area is mostly wasted. I don’t think it’s imperative to have all left-aligned labels. I’d prefer top-aligned labels to improve space, particularly for B savings but also to provide more width for horizontal layouts as mentioned below. I’d prefer if you went back to the old Assignee and Due Date approach, side by side (horizontal).
  3. Custom fields layout: Consider something like this horizontal layout which I use in Asana2Go:
  4. Field Labels: There are quite a few field labels, all are long, and all are hoverable with tooltips which means a high likelihood of errant tooltips popping up just as people read their task and skirt the mouse around. Replace these with icons like you used to have to make smaller hover targets, or delay or remove hover targets. But only having icons would vastly help if you must keep left-aligned labels (instead of top-aligned as requested above).