Task ID in CSV exports only shows 15 of the 16 Task ID characters

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: When I choose to export a project to CSV, the delivered file has the TASK ID limited to only 15 digits when opening with MS Excel. This is a known issue due to the IEEE 754 specification as noted in this MS Article.

Steps to reproduce: Navigate to a project and select Export/Print > CSV from the Project Action Menu

Browser version: Version 91.0.4472.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below: As you can see in column A, the last character is replaced with a 0 (zero) instead of the actual 16th digit that makes up the Task ID. The first image is what the file opens up to read where the 2nd is after changing column A to a number field without decimals. Because of the issue the last digit is always a 0.

Initial View


Converted to Numbers format but missing actual last digit

Is there a way to provide exports so that the full Task ID is available by either:

  • Add a quotation mark to column A data - to prevents digits from being changed to zero, type a single quotation mark before you enter the number.
  • Deliver results with the cells in column A formatted to text type - to avoid having to type a quotation mark in every affected cell, the cells could be formatted as text instead of a general format.

Once the CSV file is received there is no way in the file to get the 16th character to show as a non-zero, that I am aware of. The change can only be applied to the raw data prior to the exported delivery if I understand the issue correctly.


I did figure out a way to get the whole ID in Excel:

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You’ve always been my hero @Phil_Seeman.

I was second guessing myself the whole time submitting this bug knowing I came across this issue in the forum at some point. I just didn’t find it in my brief search. Thanks so much!!!

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