💪 Take back control of your day

Taking back control of your day relies on 6 pillars!

:one: Reduce your mental overload

:two: Organize your thoughts

:three: Apply a pace to your day

:four: Deal with emails efficiently

:five: Stay focused

:six: Make progress on what matters

Whether you are using a work management tool or not, those 6 strategies will help you get the most out of your day!

Thanks Thomas Meyers for the tip!


I would suggest listening to the Lebron James sessions on Calm - I use them to collect myself before work and get motivated for the day!

Also - if you’re on Mac, try the Focused Work app honestly the Pomodoro technique for work has completely changed my work-life and made my day feel more calm and focused.


Anyone have a good pomodoro app they like for Windows? I have WorkRave which can be set up to pomorodo times, but I keep turning it off and forgetting to turn it on again. Need more help :wink:

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