Super admin can't archive comment only projects from past employees?

Pretty simple. I’m a super admin in our org, and it seems that I cannot archive projects which were created as “comment only”. The other issue is these projects were created by folks that are no longer with our company, so there is no way for me to be invited into the project by the creator.

Anyone have a solution? I’ve searched and searched, and it seems that even a super admin doesn’t have this level of access, which seems really weird to me. We’d like to not have to continue scrolling by projects that should have been archived long ago.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome, @J_Cross,

For better or worse, I think this right is not expected to be part of the Super Admin.

So you’d have to email and ask them to add you to these’s projects so that you can then archive them.



That is crazy! No other piece of software we use behaves in this manner! A Super Admin should have full, unfettered access to every aspect of the software.

Any other workaround that someone might be able to think of?

I believe there are no other workarounds.

Another bump before auto-archive…

Oh well. Lame that this is not doable by a SysAdmin. :-1: :-1: :-1: