Summing custom fields in board view?


I need to track how much of a activity my team is estimated to do. Currently I have a custom field for activity X, however, in a given lane I’d like to sum how many of activity X I have planned.

Is there any way to sum the custom field for activity X easily?

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You could do this with an Advanced Search report by using the criteria under “Add Filter” > Custom Field and then with a value for Activity X. This would pull a list of all the associated tasks which you could then multi-select to sum or use task row numbers to see the total count.

Do you think this would work?

I have the SAME need! using columns in boards to organize Sprints and want to be able to sum points of each task to see that I’m not exceeding capacity for the given week.

I have the same need to add task values in boards for sprint planning. Anybody figure this one out?

I share your wish for summing in board views - I was disappointed to find out that it works for lists, but not for boards.
Best solution I’ve seen until Asana possibly adds a native feature at some time:
Chrome Extension in combination with a certain type of custom field
Forum post on the extension: Calculate custom field value