😩 Stop trying to connect Slack and Asana

Yeah that’s a good summation. I don’t see it as my place to micromanage my team on how they communicate between each other their tasks, works or collaboration. So in my scenario and environment if I’m seeing Asana tasks complete leading to project closure, with good quality and timely delivery, I’m not going to actively chase down where all the communications is happening and how.

If my team flag to me issues with communication, or if I see a trend of Tasks and Projects slipping, or having poor quality and delivery, I then might look into providing guidance or decisions on where collab should take place.

Because I guess it’s at this point I’m looking at the specific communications and discussions. So if I see it spread across Teams, email, Asana and other platforms, maybe then I’d be in the mind to say “Hold on guys, I spent more time trying to find your messages than actually reading them, lets get them all through Asana”

At the moment Asana messaging for us sees a really good use for escalation or grabbing attention. But our teams day to day comms still goes through Teams or Email.

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:shushing_face: Shhhhhhhhh! My team has NO IDEA that Asana tasks can be created from Slack!!! :rofl: