Start & End Dates - Reoccurring Tasks

Do Start & End Dates work with reoccurring tasks?

If I set a Task to reoccur with Start & End date does it work? Have update an existing reoccurring task with this and it didn’t seem to work.


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That’s a great question and one I had to test myself to confirm. :grin: Start dates do not carry over to recurring tasks. Only the due date carries to the next recurrence, and the start date will reset to be blank.

If you have feedback or thoughts on how the start date recurrence would be helpful, I’d be happy to pass that along to the team.

Thanks @Kaitie Katie for moving it to Product Feedback was about to do that.

Hi Kaitie, one of my use cases is a task to schedule photoshoots for bird breeding seasons. For example, Great Blue Herons nest from October to March. Every September I create tasks from 9/1 to 9/30 to research locations, make travel arrangements, etc.

It would be great if start dates re-occurred with the end date.


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I just tested it out and it seems like the start date doesn’t logically copy to the next task that’s created from repeating feature :confused:

I’ve read thru lots of posts about end dates for recurring tasks and I’d like to know if there is any tip, trick or work around. I have many recurring tasks but they need an end date. EX., do task weekly on thursday starting on xx date and ending on xx date.

Similarly, I have tasks that need to be done 8 weeks before a project end date and again at 2 weeks before a project end date. EX., book caterer at 8 weeks from event date and confirm at 2 weeks from event date.

I’d love some feedback on how people might be solving these obstacles.



For your second question, I use either 1) subtasks of the main task, or 2) Create Follow-up Task… (found in task detail’s More actions menu. So “Confirm” would be a subtask of “Book caterer” or a separate Follow-up task to it with an @reference to it only and the details stored only in the main task.

I’m not sure about your first question; I guess your issue is that you want recurrences for dates not days of the week. Only thing I can think of is maybe the above can be repurposed, a little more awkwardly, for that too?

Hope that helps somewhat,


Without a recurring task having a “start”, my list of tasks never completes. For example. every Tuesday I want to look at financials. When I do, I mark the task as complete. But it immediately creates another task for next Tuesday. I don’t want to think about it again until Monday but I have to mentally remember when I scan the list that “oh yeah, I don’t have to do that one yet…” I’d like it to disappear and create the new recurring task on Mondays only - ie. start on Monday, due on Tuesday. Otherwise I’m drowning in this enormous list of tasks right now and can’t discern what is timely.

PS. We’re coming over from Trello where we had this ideal workflow setup with Butler and I just can’t seem to find the Asana way of doing this. Its annoying enough that I can’t tell it want section to reappear in. We move to the Done column and it then creates the new task in Done, not back in Do. Suggestions?


+1 for this.
I have monthly reporting tasks that I only want to appear on the first of each month. However with the current recurring task implementation the next occurrence is always on the to-do list. Asana please help!

Would be great if I could set a start and end date for recurring tasks.

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @LJK and thanks for sharing your feedback.
Unfortunately this is not possible yet. I have merged your post into an existing feedback request thread.
Another interesting one to maybe upvote is this one: End Dates for Recurring Tasks