Start counting down the days to your next great workflow design!

When you’re energized to start building a new workflow in Asana, do you sometimes feel like an artist facing an empty canvas or a writer staring at a blank sheet of paper?

Tackle (almost) anything in Asana: Step-by-step is an Asana Academy video of my workshop presentation (40 minutes + a 20-minute Q&A) for the first Asana Learn-a-thon, done in collaboration with the great Asana Education and Asana Community Teams.

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In it, I share my approach to designing workflows in Asana, including many tips, best practices, and rules of thumb along the way. You’ll get a recipe that uses Asana’s building blocks to give you a repeatable framework for turning your standard operating procedures into well-designed Asana workflows and then auditing them against a checklist to make sure you’ve covered all the bases.

The presentation is organized into these three sections:

  • Asana’s building blocks • Key points to bear in mind

  • Recipe to architect (almost) anything • Putting your workflow together

  • Project checklist • Rules of thumb for any Asana Project

I use these same techniques daily while designing workflows for nonprofit and for-profit client organizations using Asana. I hope you find some nuggets that serve you repeatedly in your workflow design and when creating or improving Asana projects.

Thanks for your interest,

Larry Berger

Asana Consultant at Trilogi Solutions

Asana Services Partner, Technology Partner, Forum Leader, Event Leader


The definitive must-watch video for anyone building (almost) anything in Asana!

Always inspiring, @lpb :unicorn:


Thank you, @Richard_Sather; how kind! Words like that from a peer mean a lot. Every time I see a new post of yours I sit up a little straighter, pay close attention, and learn something. :slight_smile:


Thanks @lpb !

Super well organized video. I love the checklist! :white_check_mark:

1h absolutely worth watching.


Great peace of content @lpb


Thanks so much, @Arthur_BEGOU and @Xenia_Cubrac! I really appreciate your taking the time to watch and comment. (If you only knew how much effort went into this!)