Sort tasks by Due Date WITHIN Sections

I want to automatically sort my tasks by due date WITHIN my sections for a project. I know I can manually drag them around, but that’s a bit annoying… This could be a nice simple addition to the sorting feature for Asana.

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I am hooked to the default My tasks view, and use it to manage incoming tasks, see and plan what’s for today, and get a hang of my upcoming work. The only thing that bugs me: I always want my tasks to be ordered by due date and time, so that my tasks - and this is mostly applicable for today and upcoming - are newest first.

Now the only way to do that is manually putting everything in the right order, and the next day, when tasks have shuffled between, for example, Later and Upcoming, the dates are mixed up.

Of course there is a sort by date option, but that removes the lovable new-upcoming-later interface. So in a nutshell, I would like to automatic sorting by date within the default new-upcoming-later My tasks view.

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Bridge24 for Asana has a grid view that allows to sort your tasks by any field you want, including date fields and custom fields. To answer your question, you simply click on a project, then you group your tasks by section, then you sort them by due dates. Really simple!

I have been using repeat tasks set in daily sections. For the last year when they are marked complete they repopulate in the exact location they were.

For the last 2 weeks when I complete a task it repopulates directly under the project title, not in the section it was in. What changed?

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I’m super excited to share with you that this feature is being rolled out in Asana!! In case you have missed the announcement, you can read more about it here: Launching sorting within Sections! 🥳 - #3 by Jorge_H_Gonzalez

I hope you enjoy it! :tada: Have a great day and stay safe! :pray:t5: