Smartsheet transfer to Asana

I migrated an existing calendar from Smartsheet to Asana. All the existing “events” are showing up in the List, Board, and Timeline areas, but not in the Calendar, which is the main way we need them to show. Is there a way to fix this or am I going to have to manually add each event to the Calendar section? Thank you.

Hello @Lisa_De_La_O_Wyman welcome to the Asana Community Forum👋

Do all of the tasks have a due date assigned? Otherwise they won‘t be displayed there.

In case they all have a due date give it some time, initially it can take a bit to load the calendar or timeline view. Then you could also try logging out and in again to see if that helps.

Oh, so if they have a due date they might automatically show on the calendar?

Correct. And if tasks have a start and due date it will show the time range.
More info here: Planning with Asana calendar | Product guide • Asana Product Guide.

Excellent! Thanks so much.

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