Slack integration I need



Slack Integration is nice.

but sometimes it bothers me.

because it tells what I do to me.
I know what I do.
I want to know the below.

** No Need Notification **( )

  • Who created What task
  • Who complete What task I have not assigned
  • Who changed task(I have not assigned) due date
  • Who changed task description
  • Who moved task(I have not assigned) to other colum

** Need Notification(means Need of @me) **

  • Who mention to me?
  • Who assign to me?
  • Who complete What task I have assigned
  • Who changed task(I have assigned) due date
  • Who moved task(I have assigned) to other colum

Thank you for your reading.

I love asana and Slack.
I hope integration is getting better.

What do you want to change about our Slack integration?

Thank you for like,Alexis.

This is example of our team.

I’m sorry My handwriting is messy in advance.


I like the Slack integration, but it’s much less useful than it could be because it tells me about all the changes I make. I make MOST of the changes. I just want to know when somebody assigns me something, comments on a task, etc. NOT the changes I make myself.