Show Project members in Portfolio View

Hi - we want to have a holistic view of the team working on a project from a portfolio perspective for resource planning. I like how you can see the Project Owner in the portfolio view but is it possible to show the project members (and roles) in the Portfolio view? Right now we use a text field with the engineers names

Hi @Niraj_Jayant

Welcome to the Forum. This is a good point. When you say holistic, what is it you are trying to acheive by viewing the members from the landing page of portfolio?

If it is to manage workload, go to the workload tab within the portfolio. You will see all team members involved. You can expan each member list and you can see all the projects they are involved in. It is not a simple one click as you are asking, but I hope this helps a bit if you want visibility of the workload within the portfolio itself.

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Great idea! I have upvoted.

Not sure why this is marked solved as it isn’t.

I think this would be a great addition to when you click on the project’s status in portfolios. You currently have project owner, why not put a dropdown option to see all stakeholders?

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Hi @Rashad_Issa

The request has nothing to do with workload or who is assigned task but rather the request is to see the stakeholders and roles as you do in the overview tab.

Thanks for clarifying!

Sorry I misunderstood your original explanation. I thought you were interested in looking for the workload of people involved. My bad!

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I just realised @Getz_Pro that is wasn’t you who started the thread. :joy:

Anyway, thanks for your comment. For resource planning, workload is the best place.

If you want to see stakeholders for each project, then it would be good to know the user case. What decision will this view help you achieve or make that workload doesn’t?

It would be good to understand the user case so we can better promote it.

Thanks :+1:t3:

Yes, I was not the requester.

My use case is that for my clients their executive team uses portfolios and they don’t always want to always click into a project. Having the ability to see the stakeholders would be beneficial as not ever stakeholder has tasks assigned.

Just nice to see who is involved in the project’s success.

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Understood! Thank you

In Portfolio List view, if you click on the Milesone cell (if you change it from Progress Type: Tasks) or you click on the Status cell (if a status update has been done), it shows a popup with overview info.

I think the project members and their project roles should appear there, since Project Owner, About this Project, Goals, Related Portfolios, Custom Fields, etc., all show up.

A workaround, until/if that happens, is to list the members in the Project Description if easier than squeezing them into a text custom field.


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