Setting Priorities on second Board

Hello Community!

I am using Asana on a free trial. I created my first board for my Band, and I was happy to create priorities in the costum field.

However, I wanted to do the same thing on my second, personal board. But I cant find the priority/costum field option.

Now, I was wandering if I am actually on a free trial or maybe in a 30-Day free premium thing or so. Because I read in several posts, that prioritizing is a premium option. Why can I then do it on one board, but not on another?

I could not find any information on thr website, where I can directly compare premium and free-trial functions.

So, what is going on?!

Thank you for your help!

Hi @Michael_Kass , welcome to the forum :wave:

If you are on a trial version, you are likely on the Business Plan, although this may depend on which trial you initially selected, if you were given the option. But regardless, the predefined ‘Priority’ custom field is the only field that you can use, even on the Basic/Free plan.

But can you confirm whether you used this predefined ‘Priority’ custom field that was already available or did you create your own from scratch?

If you created it and are looking to add it to another project / board, then have a look at this article in the Asana guide which should help you understand the difference between adding a custom field to your library or just having it in a specific project:
How to Create and use Custom Fields • Asana Product Guide

Thank You! Solved! That’s tricky, that you have to add the priority-button in the “list” - window.

Thank you!


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