Set Recurring Task Due Date as the nth Occurrence of a Day of Week



For example, set the due date to be the last Thursday of the month; or the second Monday, or first Friday, etc. I personally have a weekly task that I complete every Thursday, but before each next month arrives, I have a monthly task that is directly related to and a part of this weekly task.


  • Task B must be completed on the same day as the last Task A of the month and both tasks are closely related;

  • I complete Task A every Thursday;

  • I complete Task B at the end of each month whenever the last occurrence of A occurs in that month.

Upgrading the "due date" feature for repeating tasks
Feature request: Additional options for recurring task scheduling

Yes, please! :frowning: I was disappointed to search the forums for this feature and find that people were requesting it 2 years ago. I need the ability to set a “last friday of the month” recurring reminder desperately. I hate having to manage tasks between Asana AND Outlook to make sure I stay on top of everything.

Upgrading the "due date" feature for repeating tasks

3 years ago, even. Sheesh. Seems pretty hopeless at this point :confused:

(Also apologies for the Nic Cage cat – I’ve just realized it’s now a public avatar and not just an in-joke with my team :joy:)


I would like the ability to set recurring tasks to happen in intervals such as “every 3rd Sunday” or “every second Saturday”.


We also really need this feature for our meetings and other events that occur regularly on a specific day of the week.


Agreed! Especially about tasks that are closely related - there needs to be a better way of scheduling related tasks. Currently there are dependencies, but it’s less of a dependency feature as a trigger feature. Trigger Task B to begin X days after Task A, every time it recurs (or is used in a template).