Repeating task - support for day of week in monthly recurring

It would be fantastic if there was an option to say “the Nth day of the week every month” for example, the second tuesday of every month. I have many things I set to do monthly, but I can’t do them during the week, so I want to get them done on the first Saturday of the month.

I agree- would love to see the ability to do this!

Yes, I’ve been hoping for this too! This is huge because I have several different clients I do work for, and I have a specific day each week reserved for each client. For example, Client A is always handled on Tuesdays. If I could set one task for Client A to repeat on the first Tuesday of each month, and another task for that client on the second Tuesday of each month, my productivity would be hugely improved (and efficiently managed!).

Also, this is a duplicate request of this one: Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day

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Please add the ability to select Monthly and Yearly repeating tasks to be on a particular day of the week.